Call Today (803) 957-1151
or Toll-Free (877) 957-1151

Call Today (803) 957-1151
or Toll-Free (877) 957-1151
Call Today (803) 957-1151
or Toll-Free (877) 957-1151

Call Today (803) 957-1151 or Toll-Free (877) 957-1151

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Clean, Clear and Dry


Wipe your hearing aid with a dry cloth every night when you take it off.


Check the tip where the sound comes out. Be sure it is clear of wax or debris. Also make sure your wax guard is clear. Sometimes it is hard to determine if there is wax in the mesh screen at the bottom of the wax guard. It cannot be cleared. When in doubt, change it. Wax guards are not sold in stores. They can be obtained at my office. I also carry replacement tips if you are wearing a RIC hearing aid. If you have questions about how to change your wax guard, give me a call. I will be happy to instruct you.


Although most hearing aids today are considered water resistant, they are not water proof. Do not use anything wet to clean your aid. Do not store your aid in a bathroom. Do not wear your aid when you have your hair done. If you use hair spray, put your aid on after you have sprayed your hair.
Aids are also subject to the humidity in your ear canal. If the inside of your aid is damp, dust may accumulate inside and cause problems. It is best to use a dry aid system to keep the moisture to a minimum. This is simply an overnight storage system for your aid. It dries the aid and allows it to work more efficiently. Dry aid systems vary greatly in price. The one I like best is very inexpensive and will last for years. This can also be obtained in my office.


RIC hearing aids are the most common style of hearing aid that is fit today.  There are many advantages to this type of aid.  RIC stand for “receiver in the ear”.  There is a tiny wire that runs from the hearing aid behind your ear to a tip that fits into your ear and channels the sound into your ear canal.  These hearing aids are extremely comfortable because, in most cases, they do not stop up your ear.  And they are almost invisible.  Another advantage of the RIC aids is that they offer many programming capabilities and reserve power that is often hard to obtain with regular custom products.  They are no more expensive than custom products.  You also have the option of accessories to use with your television and a cell phone.  Come in a take a look at these aids.  There are probably many people that you see every day that are wearing these RICs and you haven’t even noticed.